What is Fair Education?

What is Fair Education?

Life is not fair! That is so very true. We know it, kids know it, and teachers know it. However, we can create a school experience that offers more (get ready for an education buzzword) equity.

When my son, now 12, was in kindergarten, his amazing teacher, Miss Krista, said, "Fair is everyone gets what they need." Now, I know she was not the first to use this statement, but she was the first I had heard use it, so she gets the credit in my book.

She told us that my son Eli, a rambunctious wiggler, had some "extras" in the classroom that the other kids didn't think were "fair." Specifically, he had been given a floor chair to help him sit still on the carpet.

I can't tell you how my heart soared for Miss Krista when I heard her say that. Not those words precisely, but the idea that she could see my child as a whole person with different strengths, weaknesses, needs, and goals than other students. I have no doubt that she offers that same grace to each of her students.

Sadly, not every teacher is like Miss Krista, and not every school is as outstanding as Eli's first school was. But that doesn't mean that Eli can't still get that FAIR education. It is up to us, parents, to educate teachers and schools to provide our children with the tools and skills needed to provide equity.

My name is Lisa Stewart. I am an educator and lifelong learner in every sense of the word. I have been in the classroom fighting for services for my students, and I have been a parent

going head to head with schools to get my son what he needs to feel successful. But, I have also been the dyslexic, sitting in the classroom, feeling all the feelings of failure, stupidity, and the sense of losing before the race even

started. I know those feelings, and I am fighting my best fight to combat those doubts in my children.

This year I decided to take a step back from the classroom and help other parents help their children. I want to coach you, so you walk into that IEP meeting confident that you know what your child needs and what the law requires the school to provide. I want to help parents struggling to get services for their child prepare to make an argument for special needs services. I want to walk you through your child's progress reports and help you find a way forward to hold the school accountable for your child's progress. Finally, I want to give you the confidence to protect and provide your child with the FAIR education they deserve.

If you are interested in using my services, please reach out to me at lisa@advocating4fairedcuation.com, and I'll gladly meet with you to discuss our best steps forward.