Who is Responsible for Ensuring the General Education Teachers Understand my Child's IEP?

Who is Responsible for Ensuring the General Education Teachers Understand my Child's IEP?

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The IEP is one of the most critical documents in a child's education. All teachers should read it so that everyone understands what is expected of the child and how they will be supported in the classroom. Your child's case manager makes sure that this happens by working with teachers, parents, and school aides at their school to make sure that everyone is on the same page about what your child needs for support and accommodations.

The special education case manager is a liaison between the general education teacher and the special education teacher.

As a parent, you are likely familiar with the term "case manager." A case manager is an employee of your child's school responsible for ensuring that all parties involved with your child's education understand their roles and responsibilities. The case manager is a liaison between the general education teacher(s) and the special education teacher(s). They ensure that both teachers work together to provide services per your child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

If your child has an IEP, then you have probably been told that it must be read by every person who interacts with them regularly: general education teachers, aides, bus drivers, and paraprofessionals must all be aware of what services are being provided at school so they can ensure those needs are met during class time as well as after-hours activities such as sports practices or games--even if those activities take place off campus!

A good case manager will ensure that the IEP and goals are understood by all teachers and parents.

As a parent, you want to ensure that all teachers understand your child's IEP. You should feel comfortable asking questions, sharing concerns, and knowing that the case manager will be able to explain your child's goals and what they need to achieve them.

A good case manager will be able to explain the IEP and goals in terms that are clear for parents as well as co-teachers. For example, suppose you feel that the General Education teacher needs to more fully understand your child's IEP. In that case, you can request to add collaboration time between the Case Manager and General Education teacher(s) to your child's IEP. This will ensure they are communicating the specific needs of your child.

The case manager may work with school aides, counselors, social workers, and other staff members to help support your child's IEP.

As a parent, you may feel overwhelmed by trying to manage your child's IEP. The Special Education Case Manager can help you track and understand your child's goals and objectives and how they will be measured. In addition, many accommodations and supports are available in the district that parents often are unaware of. The case manager might be an excellent resource to see what is available. But remember, sometimes more accommodations mean more work for the school team. If you feel your child is not getting what they need, you should research or contact an advocate for guidance.


In summary, the special education case manager can be a valuable part of your child's education. They can be the link that helps you understand what's going on in your child's classroom and are responsible for helping your child get what they need. If you're unhappy with how things are going at school, please contact me. I'm here to help.

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