This service includes loads of support, I will attend multiple meetings with the school, meet with you 1:1 a couple of times a year to answer questions, make sure your child is getting services, help you navigate school and teacher relations, write professional letters to the school to make requests, track and graph progress reports and make sure the data you are getting from the school is relevant and helpful, and provide you with exclusive Voxer support so send me voice messages as you need.  

This service is a 12-month commitment and is limited to only 10 clients at any one time.  It is important to me that my clients know they are a priority.  This agreement includes several meetings with the school, several coaching sessions, tracking of progress reports and goals, document review of IEP and testing, ongoing support, and a direct line to me through Voxer (only available to this service).  

The weight of your child's educational load will be greatly reduced by having another person, preparing, tracking, and coaching you through the journey.  


This service offers the most flexibility because you get to determine how each hour is used.  Here is a list of suggestions on how you can get support through this service.  Will meet and create a game plan so we are working as a team during the meeting.  

  • data review
  • document review
  • coaching
  • letter writing
  • research
  • progress report review
  • teacher support
  • meeting attendance
  • and so much more

IEP Document Review

I will review your child's IEP (or draft) and make notes right onto the document of my thoughts and suggested changes.  Then I will meet with you for a one-hour 1:1 and go over the document, ask clarifying questions, and teach you what to ask for, what evidence can be used to support the request, and what to do if the school denies your request.  

Included will be: 

  • IEP review
  • IEP document with my notes
  • one-hour of coaching
  • a template for note taking at the meeting

Self-guided IEP Document Review and Coaching Session

You will recieve this 55+ page hand book with MY METHOD of going through the IEP and identifying the changes that need to be made for your child's to grow.  Then, you can email me your document and we will meet with you for a one-hour 1:1 and go over the document and your notes, you can ask clarifying questions, and I'll help you tweek the changes and find the supporting evidence you need, I'll coach you on what to do if the school denies your request.  

Included will be: 

  • 55+ Page handbook
    • Including a template for notetaking at the meeting
  • one-hour of coaching
  • If needed follow up email to guide you on the next steps.