In my career, I have had VERY negative experiences with child/adult advocates. I had the pleasure of first meeting Ms. Stewart while I was the BCBA for a very rural district. The parent was appropriately disgruntled for multiple reasons. Ms. Stewart epitomized the complete opposite of my preceding experiences. She contributed thoughtful commentary to discussions, assuaged parent concerns when appropriate, explained IEP linguistics/jargon to the parent when needed without being at all domineering or condescending, and was overall a team member that I valued highly. Also, when she raised critical points (e.g., eligibility, goal criteria/measurability/attainability) to district staff, she did so respectfully, intelligently, and with a spirit of collaboration across all team members for the benefit of our little one. She accomplished all of this without ever making anyone feel inferior, creating an adversarial environment, or being at all hostile to anyone. My experiences with Ms. Stewart were polar opposites to nearly every one of my previous advocacy experiences. I wish all advocates had her interpersonal and professional skills.

- Nikki  BCBA, School Team Member in CA

I will say I just requested to increase his 1:1 time and reading accuracy before signing the IEP. The doubled his 1:1 time with an aide and increased it to 90%! I’m so happy. I am so grateful for you!

- Jerri  Parent of Elementary Student CA

Omg !! Lisa, thank you so much.
I would’ve been lost without you.
- Mia  Parent of Middle School Student NJ

With your help, I left this meeting feeling really good about myself & the knowledge I gained from you. By the way, the School Principal said the letter I wrote was well, again Thank you for that!!

- Debbie Parent of Middle School Student IN

Thank you so much Lisa. I appreciate all of your help. I will definitely reach out to you in the future for further assistance.

- Julie  Parent of High School Student  TX

This site is great for parents of kids with learning disabilities/difficulties. Her advice is great. As a retired teacher, and the grandparent of a child with special needs, I find her insights beneficial. Many parents think they have to accept everything the school presents to them at an IEP. I appreciate the support she offers to parents to empower them to be equal partners in their child’s education.

- Cheri  Follower and Retired Teacher

I had the privilege of working with Lisa Stewart from Advocating 4 Fair Education, and I couldn't be more pleased with the exceptional job she did during my daughter's Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting. Lisa's performance was truly outstanding, and I am grateful for her dedicated advocacy on behalf of my child. 

One of the most impressive aspects of Lisa's representation was her ability to quickly grasp the intricacies of my daughter's unique situation. Her deep understanding of my child's needs demonstrated her commitment to providing the best possible support. It was evident that Lisa had done her homework and thoroughly prepared for the meeting, which put me at ease knowing we were in capable hands.

Lisa's interpersonal skills were remarkable. She effortlessly built a strong rapport with the school officials, creating a collaborative atmosphere that was conducive to productive discussions. Her approach was both professional and empathetic, ensuring that everyone's concerns were heard and respected. At the same time, Lisa knew when to assert herself firmly when necessary to advocate for my daughter's rights and needs.

One of the significant achievements of our collaboration with Lisa was the development of specific, measurable, relevant, and attainable (SMART) goals for my daughter's education. Her expertise in crafting these goals was instrumental in ensuring that my daughter's IEP would be effective and truly beneficial. It was evident that Lisa's attention to detail and commitment to excellence were key factors in achieving this outcome.

Thanks to Lisa's invaluable assistance, we were able to secure substantial improvements for my daughter's education. Specifically, we were able to increase her pull-out time significantly, which is essential for her progress. Additionally, Lisa's efforts resulted in the addition of four days of one-on-one OG time, providing my daughter with the personalized attention she needs. 

Lisa Stewart at Advocating 4 Fair Education exceeded my expectations as an advocate for my child's IEP meeting. Her exceptional knowledge, interpersonal skills, and dedication to creating meaningful change in my daughter's education are truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa to any parent seeking an advocate who will go above and beyond to ensure fair and effective educational support for their child. Her outstanding work has made a profound difference in our lives, and I am incredibly grateful for her expertise and dedication.

- Shannon  Parent of Elementary Student OR